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A minty fresh beats mashes jayz acapella tracks with radiohead samples. Free whole album download, or single tracks if you want. It is produced by nyc dj and producer minty fresh beats. Jaydiohead call me a dick, but the greyness of the grey album was a little obvious. Do you still go by minty fresh beats, or do you prefer max tannone. Minty fresh beatss ignorant swan sample of thom yorkes.

During our daily sweep of the web we came across a nice little piece of news that pitchfork was pushing. Max tannone, formerly known as minty fresh beats, is a new york music producer most notable for his production of mashup music. New york based hip hop producer minty fresh beats had a magnificent brainwave when he decided to put jayz and radiohead in a cocktail shaker, the result is amazing theres a jaydiohead site where you can download all ten. Jayz x radiohead jaydiohead presented by minty fresh. New yorks dj minty fresh beats, who premiered jaydiohead on his myspace page december 30. Download jayz x radiohead jaydiohead presented by minty fresh beats mixtape. Well max tannone also known as minty fresh beats saw something in both of their catalogues that. The emotion of the beat matches the lyrics emotions and 3. Is minty fresh beats jaydiohead project a successful mashup of jayz and radiohead, or is. Minty fresh beats music, videos, stats, and photos. Jaydiohead is in fact an album created by merging the works of two established and legendary artists jayz and radiohead and explores territories that neither artist has ever ventured to mixed by max tannone also known by his alias minty fresh beats, the album combines the music of radiohead with the lyrics and flow of jayz. Jaydiohead dj says hed love feedback from jayz or radiohead i would be speechless if i heard from any of them, minty fresh beats tells mtv news. Minty fresh beats pairs songs from jays black album and american gangster with a host of radiohead tracks.

Minty fresh beats jaydiohead jayz x radiohead 2009, 256. Jayz and radiohead collide on jaydiohead mashup album mtv. Register for free to download this mixtape and others. Jaydiohead 1,232 words exact match in snippet view article find links to article jayz and radiohead that was mixed and produced by new york producer minty fresh beats max tannone. Download the torrent of his free album and share with friends. Altogether minty fresh beats did a top notch job here. Jayz and radiohead collide on jaydiohead mashup album. Enter the enterprising dj minty fresh beats, whos mashed instrumental tracks from ok computer, kid a, and in rainbows with various jigga raps on. Music jayz and radiohead collide on jaydiohead mashup album. New yorkbased producer max tannone, who once went by the pseudonym minty fresh beats, hence the title of todays post, dove into the mashup craze of the last decade to throw two artists together that, typically, would have no business being in the same room.

Jayz latest new mixtapes for free streaming and download. Got beats online rocknrollisdead queens bridge illroots thug online hip hop news hh live news the hype factor shadowville thehoodup imhiphop musicvideocast tastemaker magazine rap beats escape entertainment pardon my fresh green hitz urbanfreshnation dropbomb ususpects hiphopgiant bfochs beats blog jordan release dates air. Free mixtape download for minty fresh beats jaydiohead. Despite the fact that this road had been traveled before by so many other beatmakers, new yorks max tannone who works under the moniker minty fresh beats released jaydiohead, a remix project built on the verses of jays two latest albums, and a smattering of radiohead samples listen to the album here. Jaydiohead is a mashup album combining the vocals of jayz and the music of radiohead. Minty fresh beats, aka 22yearold max tannone, produced jaydiohead, the new mashup album thats quickly becoming an internet sensation.

I would be speechless if i heard from any of them, minty fresh beats. Here is the encore to the critically acclaimed jaydiohead by minty fresh productions. This week in the mixtape mondays segment we have one of the more interesting albums of late. Its garnered much attention since its release, and has been featured on, and last call with carson daly, among others. New yorkbased producer minty fresh beats has created jaydiohead, an album that mashes up the best of both jayz and radiohead. Find the latest tracks, albums, and images from minty fresh beats. In order to make a great mashup album between two artists from different genres, you have to make sure that 1. Nyc producer and dj max tannone is responsible for this mashup of jayz and radiohead. Dont know that much about this but a guy called max tonone has mixed jayz and radiohead together to create an album called minty fresh beats. Check out 99 anthems listen here and dirty off your android listen here, two songs off the mixtape. There was a legal issue involving the name minty fresh beats, and i can no longer use it. Well, tannone has coined it jaydiohead, a mixture of the alternative rock sound with the flow and lyrics of the hiphop heavyweight. Air roc life there reckoners encore song and cry septembers backdrift carson loved the original so muchi did too that he shouted it out on last call.

The first album was followed up by the july 12, 2009 release of jaydiohead. Give it a chance and you will be dragged into the world of jaydiohead. Tannone premiered the album jaydiohead on his myspace page on december 30, 2008, which was officially released to download january 1, 2009. Tannone premiered the album jaydiohead on his myspace page on december 30, 2008, which was officially released to download january 1. Its the handiwork of nyc dj minty fresh beats, and its currently streaming and available for download over at. The new album from dj minty fresh beats combines jayzs black and american gangster albums with multiple albums from radiohead. Jaydiohead is the mashup project of the music of jayz and radiohead that was mixed and produced by new york producer minty fresh beats max tannone.

Jayz seems to be the kind of mashups as jigga was recently combined with radiohead to create the jaydiohead album. Lorem ipsum is simply dummy text of the printing and typesetting industry. Jaydiohead is the mashup project of the music of jayz and radiohead that was mixed and produced by new york producer minty fresh. Here, i speak with tannone about how he got into the music business, the unexpected success of jaydiohead and what fans can expect from him in the future.

Minty fresh beatss fall in step sample of radioheads. Now new yorkbased producer minty fresh beats aka max tannone is undertaking a similar task by layering jayzs vocals over a selection of the oxford bands compositions. These are not lyrics, these are not poetic, or deep, or anything other than some guy trying to sound like those things and instead sounding like some sort of moron. Lorem ipsum has been the industrys standard dummy text ever since the 1500s, when an unknown printer took a galley of type and scrambled it to make a type specimen book. Tannone, who also goes by the name minty fresh beats, got a lot of buzz around this mix, with even jayz himself tweeting, there are 3 or 4 real gems on jaydiohead. He altered radioheads tracks to accompany jayzs raps and it sounds natural. There is a lot of junk in the mashup world, but a whole carload of friends last night including a former amoeba music employee agreed that this was well executed and worth listening to. Contributed by fo aka myndquest 5,205 report wrong information or missing video. Yes yes yall, brokenbranches is still in mashmode and has some more magic mixups for you in the form of jaydiohead. Jaydiohead is a mashup album of jayz and radiohead produced minty fresh beats aka 22yearold max tannone. Jayzs got 99 anthems and radioheads one brokenbranches. Radiohead and jayz mashup, jaydiohead check out dj minty fresh beats curious combination of tracks from the new york rapper and the brit brainiacs.

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