Equallogic ps series firmware download

My cases historical data all cases historical data. This article is all about upgrading a legacy dell equallogic ps4100x iscsi array to the latest available firmware release using the dell storage. This document describes configuration information, limitations, and other considerations required to architect a dell equallogic san for high availability and preparation for nondisruptive array firmware updates. Equallogic fs series appliances, combined with ps series arrays, offer a highperformance, highavailability, scalable nas solution. Got the maintaince window scheduled and went to get the firmware and i can not for the life of me find a download. Performing a firmware upgrade with the gui youtube. Microprocessors are controlled by firmware that enables the device to do the job it was purchased for. Dell equallogic ps4000 series iscsi arrays provides enterprise reliability, scaleout performance and capacity along with data protection and disaster recovery. Hardware a ps6610 array panicked during a controller failover due to an internal tr. Seems all of our equallogic equipment feel out of warranty at the end of last year.

In some cases, they may resolve technical conflicts or local environment issues. When youre updating the firmware on equallogic arrays, this is also a good time to. A short video showing the gui upgrade process for dell equallogic ps series arrays. Click the downloads tab, then click ps series firmware. Dell storage software is nontransferable, and you must use your customers login credentials to perform downloads on their behalf. How to equallogic ps series firmware v9 0 5 download firmware apk for android gingerbread 2. How to download equallogic ps series firmware v9 0 5. Dell recommends that you perform firmware updates during periods of low activity. See the ps series release notes for information about supported firmware update paths. Dell equallogic ps series storage arrays firmware version 9. For customer service support or questions please email us at equallogic customer service certified channel partner help desk to learn more about the partnerdirect program and how we can assist our partners be more successful with equallogic solutions please contact the resources in your area. Equallogic ps series firmware updates im actually trying to update mine from 7.

In my environment we utilize dell equallogic ps series iscsi devices for our storage needs. Is this something at all to be concerned about, or should i just. New equallogic firmware takes a load off vmware along with general improvements, dells 5. Learn how to use the equallogic update manager to perform firmware updates with your equallogic products. Support equallogic is simplifying networked storage dell. To set up a dell equallogic support account to download the latest available ps series. Updating the firmware on dell equallogic ps series iscsi san. Updating the firmware on dell equallogic ps series iscsi. Download the firmware update kit from the eql support site. Watch this video to better understand how dell identifies different types of. In the downloads area, select the archived update kit that is right for your. Use a web browser to access the dell equallogic support website ll. I this technical video, quentin demonstrates the process to upgrade firmware on a dell equallogic ps series san.

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